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Skinox is thrilled to introduce a new treatment that uses aesPlla® technology, which is known for boosting skin’s natural radiance through collagen regeneration. This approach not only enhances looks quickly, but it also provides long-term benefits.

The Benefits of aesPlla®

AesPlla® is a bio-stimulatory filler that not only delivers gradual improvements but also enhances natural collagen production over time. This treatment is suitable for individuals aged 30 as it helps restore volume and reduces signs of ageing in a subtle, natural way.

Gradual Results

This great new treatment gradually improves skin rejuvenation, volume and texture, allowing for a smooth transition. This method ensures that the results are consistent and complements your overall facial features.

Focus on Safety and Comfort

Skinox prioritises your comfort and safety with aesPlla®’s specifically formulated treatment, which reduces the likelihood of adverse reactions. The tiny particle structure allows a smooth application with minimal irritation.

Long Lasting Results

Results become evident within a month and can last up to three years, offering a durable solution to skin ageing. The treatment integrates seamlessly with your skin and naturally diminishes as it works.

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