Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Generally we aren’t aware we’re clenching or grinding our teeth, because it happens during sleep. Sometimes, though, teeth grinding can occur when we’re awake and stressed or anxious. Again, we generally don’t notice because we’re preoccupied with the source of the stress.

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What we do notice (or our dentist does) is the havoc bruxism wreaks on our teeth. Signs and symptoms of Bruxism and TMD may include:

  • Damage to tooth enamel exposing dentine and teeth may appear flattened and worn
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Fractured teeth/enamel
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity

The action of grinding can also damage the tongue, and strain the soft tissues of the jaw, causing jaw stiffness, pain and inflammation.

Bruxism in adults can have a number of causes, these being:

  • Incorrect alignment of the teeth or jaw
  • Poor sleeping posture (an incorrect position sending our jaw out of alignment, or compressing the jaw and teeth)
  • Poor posture when going about our daily lives, again, leaving our jaws out of alignment
  • Incorrectly performed strenuous exercise
  • Emotional stress or anxiety
  • Substance misuse (particularly the use of amphetamines), or taking prescribed medications that lead to jaw tension
  • Poor dietary choices, leading to illness or dehydration
  • Caffeine in the diet, leading to increased tension and activity of the jaw
  • Lack of sufficient sleep and subsequent tension.


Injections of a prescription only medication into the jaw muscle. It works to interfere with the temporomandibular joint’s ability to move. It doesn’t stop it moving completely, but reduces the amount of unconscious movement, and serves to cushion the jaw during activities like talking, eating, swallowing, and other everyday activities. This can greatly reduce the tension in the jaw, and the severity of tension headaches for sufferers.

A non-surgical procedure, injections are administered at our clinic and are usually a quick, straightforward and effective method for treating TMJ disorder and teeth grinding. Most patients experience noticeable improvement within 5 days of their first treatment, although relief can take up to a week.

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