Foundation Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin Type A course


Foundation Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin type A course: 

– Understand the ageing face and how treatments can work
– What does the current Aesthetics market look like?
– Understanding of how both treatments work
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Product choices
– Consultation and Medical History forms
– Treating the forehead, frown and crow’s feet muscles
– Treating the marionette lines
– Treating the nasolabial folds
– Treating the peri-oral area
– Practical experience in treating all the above areas
– Aftercare for both Botulinum toxin type A & Dermal filler
– Marketing and starting up your business
– Aftercare support
– Obtaining insurance
– Franchise opportunities

Price: £850 or from £89 per month through our finance options*

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