Massateur (slimming effect of the jaw)

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Injections of a prescription-only medication into the jaw muscle can provide a subtle slimming effect for the face. This Massateur treatment is ideal for teeth grinders and jaw clenchers.

How it works?

The medication works on the temporomandibular joint. It doesn’t stop it moving completely, but reduces the amount of unconscious movement, and serves to cushion the jaw during activities like talking, eating, swallowing, and other everyday activities. This can greatly reduces the size and tension in the jaw, and the severity of tension headaches for sufferers. This in turn can have a subtle slimming effect.

A non-surgical procedure, injections are administered at our clinic and are usually a quick, straightforward and effective method for treating TMJ disorder and teeth grinding or aesthetically for a subtle slimming effect of the face. 

Cost £249 

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