Vein Removal

Vein Removal

Remove Spider and Thread veins across the face, legs and body safely and effectively

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Thread vein, also referred to as spider vein, can appear on the surface of the skin. They are usually blue, purple or red in colour and are thin lines that look a little like a web or branch. They are usually not painful or harmful but can be annoying and affect your confidence when you want to bare your legs, particularly in the summer months. Thread veins are different from varicose veins which are larger and deeper, may appear lumpy or twisted and are usually flesh coloured or red. If you have leg veins that bother you, our professionals can treat this condition quickly and effectively. Facial thread veins can also be treated at Skinox.

What causes thread veins?

Many people who suffer from thread veins will find it is genetic. This condition is also found more commonly in women than in men. Also as we age, valves become weaker, so we are more likely to develop leg thread veins. Being overweight can also be a cause, as extra pressure is placed on the legs. Pregnancy can also be a cause due to increased blood moving through the body as well as the extra weight placed on the legs. Also if you sit or stand for extended periods, your heart has to work harder to pump blood in the right direction. Hormones can also have an effect, for example, birth control, as well as menopause, can be a cause, as estrogen can weaken vein valves.

How can veins be removed from legs/face/body?

There are two effective treatment options for thread veins:
Laser – this will break down unwanted veins using brief pulses of laser light. Works great for smaller spider/thread veins across the face and body. Usually three to six sessions are required for removal. Maintenance treatment is usually once every 12-24 months.
Microsclerotherapy – is a procedure used to treat thread vein (also known as “spider vein”) on the legs only. It is one of the most effective treatments available for the removal of thread veins. A very fine needle is used to inject a sclerosing agent directly into the thread vein. The sclerosing agent flows through the vein and stimulates the walls of the vein to swell up. The swelling prevents any blood to pass through the vessel and this causes the vein to shrivel up and disappear. Generally patients will require three to six sessions for thread veins to be completely eradicated. Maintenance treatment is usually once every 12-24 months.

Which treatment is best?

A combination of both treatments may be advised depending on the nature of your thread veins. In your consultation, the best treatment for you will be discussed and agreed. Laser treatment is best for smaller thread veins, whereas sclerotherapy is often used for larger thread veins and also for people with darker skin tones, for whom laser treatments may not be advised.

What is the treatment process and how many sessions will I need?

Depending on the size and number of thread veins, this will differ. Which is why our clients attend a consultation with one of our specialist medical professionals to create an individual treatment plan. Our medical professionals typically recommend to start with a course of 6, however the amount of treatments needed may differ from person to person. Treatments are carried out at 4-12 week internals.
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Vein removal service across Face, Body and Legs (Thread Vein/Spider Vein)

At Skinox we offer both laser and microsclerotherapy. Microsclerotherapy is performed by our medical professionals only.

Laser – 1 session £199
Laser – 3 session package – £499

Microsclerotherapy for legs – 1 session £249
Microsclerotherapy for legs – 3 sessions £699

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